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Spyfinder is a very effective tool for locating Hidden Cameras

SpyFinder® is an easy-to-use compact battery powered device allowing visual detection of any hidden or spy camera. It is the only detector on the market that can detect cameras not in operation. It detects wireless and wired cameras by looking through the viewing port and scanning any room.

Use the Spyfinder to locate hidden cameras. The Spyfinder is an effective tool for locating wired cameras as well as wireless cameras.

The Spyfinder is simple to use, battery operated and fits in your purse or pocket.

SpyFinder Technology Featured on CSI: Miami

The hit CBS show CSI Miami featured the SpyFinder technology in an episode that first aired on May 3, 2004. The plot included elements where concealed pinhole cameras were used to spy on acquaintances in an exclusive neighborhood. The technology was featured as a tool used by the crime investigators to confirm evidence of the hidden cameras.

Operating Principle  

The SpyFinder hidden camera detector/locator is the most reliable and easy to use technology on the market for making sure that your private actions are not being watched. Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation.

This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a video camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with the SpyFinder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.

 The SpyFinder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port, a hidden camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LEDs.


While the equivalent of rocket scientists thought up the SpyFinder technology, operating it is not rocket science. Simply look through the viewing port and depress the button to activate the LEDs. Slowly scan areas where hidden cameras are suspected and look for bright reflected spots. Remember, some hidden video cameras use pinhole camera lenses, so the spot you are looking for could be small.

If you see a suspected camera, move your vantage point slightly. If the location of the reflection moves as you move, then this is not a camera. If the location of the reflection does not move, then it is highly likely that you have discovered the optics of a hidden camera.

For example, consider a wall clock that has a domed plastic cover and a pinhole camera concealed under the numeral six on the clock face. When the SpyFinder is used to scan the clock, a reflection will be noted where the camera is located beneath the six and a reflection will also be noted from the plastic cover. However if you move your vantage point just a little, you will notice that the location of the false positive reflection point from the plastic cover will move, while the reflection from the camera remains under the numeral six on the clock face.


The only maintenance required of the SpyFinder is to change the batteries. The device is powered by two AAA batteries, which will provide over two hours of continuous on time. To replace the batteries, the screw should be removed from the back of the unit. The back cover can then be lifted off to expose the batteries. The old batteries should be discarded appropriately and fresh AAA batteries should be installed with the correct polarity show on the circuit board.


SpyFinder is recently de-classified technology originally developed for the government as a counter-spy tool used in security sweeps of embassies, hotels, conference centers, etc. This is a great example of how technology originally developed for government use can be modified and applied in a variety of other industries.

These cameras are concealed in everyday items such as clocks, stuffed animals, plants, gym bags, shoes, even buttons. A consumer version of SpyFinder has just been released. Video surveillance equipment represents a multi-billion dollar industry, where millions of miniature cameras are sold annually.

There are also over 45,000 web sites dedicated to hidden cameras and video voyeurism. The SpyFinder hidden camera detector is a vital tool to protect the invasion of personal privacy brought on by miniature video cameras.


• Easy to use
• Detect hidden cameras
• Only detector on the market that can detect cameras not in operation